What If You Slept?

TITLE: What if You Slept
AUTHOR: A.J. Wilde
ISBN: 978-1-80370-107-5
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press



Nick’s done being a lawyer with responsibilities. Abandoning his routine, he jumps on the first train leaving Toronto and meets Chris, a charming, laid back lad on his way north to visit his grandmother.

As the train carries Nick away from the familiar and into the new, he finds himself tumbling headlong for Chris, interesting and compelling as he is. In the space of a few hours, Nick thinks he’s made a friend and found a lover. But there’s more to Chris’ story than Nick realizes and journey’s end turns out to be another fresh start for both of them.

Nick has the life that his parents set out for him, unfortunately it isn’t the life that Nick wanted. Nick has always done what was expected from him, but when his girlfriend leaves him it is the last straw. Nick somehow finds himself on a train going far away from home, but he doesn’t know where. On the train Nick meets Chris, a very sweet and slightly strange young man. The two hit it off and Nick begins to learn that there is more to life than the world his parents built for him. Chris is a free spirit who also has his own issues to deal with. As the two become closer, they come together in a scene that is both heartwarming and funny. Nick tries to learn more about Chris, but Chris freaks out and refuses to talk about it. What is Chris hiding and can it affect their chances to be together for all time?

A.J. Wilde has created a fascinating story about two lost souls who by chance find each other. Both Chris and Nick had problems with love, but even though these difficulties were unique, they strike a common cord. Nick needs to look outside his confined world to see other horizons, while Chris needs to have more courage to face up to his problems. Together they light a fire that may withstand the complications that life places in their paths. Thanks go to A.J. Wilde for a wonderful short story and one that is a keeper in my bookshelf.

Review by Teresa


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