Taste Test: Sweat

Reviewed by Nannette of Joyfully Reviewed

“Twenty Four” by AJ Wilde

Ryan Collier‘s lover Daniel is in the midst of a deep depression that is destroying them both. Ryan’s co-worker Patrick Devlin wants to make Ryan happy and he succeeds temporarily. Ryan knows what he needs to really make him happy though, and he’s the man waiting for him at home.

“Twenty Four” is a moving story. Daniel is a sweet guy but Ryan upset me. I hope Patrick gets his happily ever after someday.


Athletic Shorts by Anfernee Williamson

Carl and his friends are playing football against a bunch of younger guys.  Juan has knocked Carl down one time too many so Carl ends the game and his friend Jackson helps soothe him.

“Athletic Shorts” is a story about release, sex, and friendship. Unfortunately one of those friends is married so it puts a damper on the romance and rightness of what they’re doing.


“Touché” by James Buchanan

Mario has just lost a fencing bout with Davis and is headed to the locker room to ice a sore arm. Davis is there and he is willing to help Mario take his mind off his loss and his injury.

“Touché” is very sexy and it ends on a really fun and light note. Mario and Davis are compatible and very hot together.


Although each of the stories in Sweat are good, the infidelity in “Twenty Four” and “Athletic Shorts” rang a sour note with me. “Touché” is a lot of fun. I always enjoy James Buchanan’s work. I’ll probably read more of AJ Wilde and Anfernee Williamson’s work because their stories were well written. 


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