Soul Journeys 2: Auf Wiedersehen, Mon Amour

TITLE: Soul Journeys 2: Auf Wiedersehen, Mon Amour
AUTHOR: A.J. Wilde
ISBN: 978-1-60370-201-0
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press



Cop Rick Rathburn continues his past live regression in this second Soul Journeys book! This time Rick is transported to Nazi Germany, in the life of Nikolai, an influential Russian who meets a cabaret dancer living a double life. G is both Gina and Gabriel, and he’s the most fascinating man Nik has ever met.

Their relationship survives through unspeakable horrors as G convinces Nik to help with the resistance movement. How much can two men do to help stop the atrocities of war? Rick will find out as he follows Nik and G through to the end.

Souls Journey 2: Auf Wiedersehen, Mon Amour by A.J. Wilde is the second book in the Soul Journeys about one man’s search into the past.

Detective Rick Rathburn was kidnapped, tortured and held for ransom by a crazy man. The only thing getting him through work is his partner, Jay, who he literally trusts with his life. The flashbacks are so bad that the staff psychologist sent him to Dr. Martell for regression hypnotherapy. The doctor and Rick are exploring his past lives and this regression sends him to Berlin 1938 as Nikolai Kazinski.

Nik escaped from Russia to Berlin, but hindsight tells him that that might not have been a great choice. You see, Germany is under the control of the Nazis and it is a very bad time for anyone who is different, especially someone who is gay. Nik is at the Club Mitzi to get a look at the new female dancers. Nik is enthralled with a new dancer, Gina, more than any female ever before. Nik and Gina meet and the attraction is immediate and very combustible, but their time is cut short with a raid on the club. When waiting for Gina, Nik sees a very beautiful young man who reminds him of someone, but he isn’t sure who it is. Later that night, Nik sees who he thinks is the same man at a bar then out of the blue he sees Gina. Who is Gina really and why is Nik attracted to both Gina and this stranger?

Ms. Wilde has once again created a past life for Nik that grabs hold of the reader as history seems to unfold in front of their eyes. The time of the Nazis was a very dangerous one for many people in Germany, as this story correctly portrays. Nik was willing to give up his more or less safe little existence for a chance at a love that he never expected. Gina is a woman with a mysterious past that Nik wants to become a part of. Together they will have to fight the outside world to hopefully find a love that could last all time. Thanks go to Ms. Wilde for another inspiring story. I will be waiting for the next addition to the Soul Journeys series.

Courtesy of Fallen Angel Reviews

Review by Teresa


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