Soul Journeys 1: Summer of Love

TITLE: Soul Journeys 1: Summer of Love
AUTHOR: A.J. Wilde
ISBN: 978-1-60370-005-4
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press



NYPD officer Rick Rathburn has some issues his department wants him to work through. After a series of failed therapy sessions, he ends up with Dr. Martell, who convinces him to take a chance on hypnotism and past life regression. He finds himself in 1967 San Francisco, falling for Johnny, a free-spirited commune member that fascinates him beyond what’s wise.

Johnny brings a whole new host of problems, including the fact that he has a wife who wants in on the action, and a deep passion for activism that might turn ugly at any moment. Can Rick survive his past life? And what will it mean for his future?

Rick is having a tough time ever since he was captured and abused while working as a policeman. He has been sent from doctor to doctor without gaining any insight into his medical problems. This has landed him in the present office where he is going to have regression hypnotherapy, something he thinks is a joke.

But Dr. Angela Martell isn’t your average doctor and Rick quickly realizes that there is more to her than meets the eye. She wants to use hypnotherapy to learn what is really causing Rick problems and believes that past lives can give us information about others that has significant importance to the health and well-being of the person in this life.

As Rick explores his past life, he learns about Johnny, a supposedly carefree man who quickly becomes everything to him. Things are not always as they seem and Rick learns that people can have many layers and secrets in their lives. Love swiftly grows between Rick and Johnny, but the 1960’s is a time of upheaval and discord that affected everyone who lived then.

A.J. Wilde has created an incredible beginning of a series. Rick’s disbelief in regression hypnotherapy is one that many people share, but the way he quickly accepts and engages the engrossing memories ensnares the reader instantly into the story. I for one can’t wait to see what Rick will learn next and if Johnny is in fact Rick’s connecting thread to help him get his life and world back. Thanks go to A.J. Wilde for such an engaging story.

Review by Teresa


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