Moment of Truth Part I: To Serve and Protect

TITLE: Moment of Truth 1: To Serve and Protect
AUTHOR: A.J. Wilde
ISBN: 978-1-60370-542-4
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press



Dan Mason is the perfect cop: clean-cut, conservative, responsible to a fault. The last person he wants as a partner is rookie Gary Carson, with his purple hair, piercings and devil-may-care attitude. From Gary’s drunken display at a Canada Day party to his heiress girlfriend, Dan learns to endure his partner’s reckless ways. Even when Gary’s bad dreams cause his girlfriend to dump him, Dan is there for his friend. However, when a routine forensics job goes bad, Dan is forced to acknowledge his feelings for Gary.

Gary and Dan dive into their own nightmare worlds, while a plot is brewing in the dark underworld of the Don Jail. Oblivious to this, Dan and Gary edge ever closer, their separate pain drawing them into a relationship that neither of them are ready for. As Gary slides into his private world of agony, Dan grasps at every lifeline to come to Gary’s aid. Can Gary find the cure, even if it means sharing the truth?

I loved this book! I fell madly in lust with the description of Dan Mason first: “Conservatively dressed, as usual, in a dark green polo shirt and khaki Dockers… he was the quintessential cop: dark hair cut lose in a military short back and sides do; clean-shaven, square jaws. His broad chest and thickly muscled shoulders ~ part good genetics, part hard graft at the gym …” and so forth ~ you get the picture.

Dan has been partnered with rookie Gary Carson who has purple hair, tattoos and multiple piercings. Could anyone be more different? But Gary is very, very good at his job, and while he earns Dan’s grudging respect on the surface, underneath lies a sexual attraction that Dan tries very hard to resist ~ because Gary has a steady girlfriend.

Then one morning, the girlfriend dumps Gary because he keeps calling out someone else’s name in his sleep: Dan. This is quickly followed by a job-gone-wrong with Gary’s life on the line. Each man’s hidden feelings for the other are right on the surface, and this moment of truth irretrievably intertwines their lives. But Gary’s violent past rises up to haunt them.

This tightly-written tale with intensely-believable characters really caught me up. I highly recommend it.

This book is a Torquere ‘Chaser’, which means it is the first part of (in this case) four installments. Believe me, the ending left me breathless and feverishly searching the internet to find out when Moment of Truth 2 will be released!

Review by Carole


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