Moment of Truth I – Fallen Angel Reviews

To Serve & Protect


Detective Sergeant Daniel Mason is a forensic investigator for the Toronto police department. He is clean cut, competent, and professional, and he is a direct contrast with his partner, rookie detective Gary Carson. Dan is deeply in the closet with his sexuality, but he has had a yen for his young partner for as long as they have been together. Gary is pierced and tattooed, purple-haired and about as far away from conservative as you can get. He also has some deep and dark secrets in his past that have left both physical and psychological scars.

After an incidence of violence that almost takes the partners’ lives, Dan and Gary finally admit that they have feelings for each other. Although Gary has never been with a man before, Dan feels that this is the beginning of a loving partnership between them. Gary’s past interferes, however, and leads him to a reaction that can only be described as a breakdown. Can Dan salvage the love between them, or will Gary’s emotional scars keep them apart forever? To complicate matters, it appears that a criminal element from Gary’s past is about to show back up in his life. And this person definitely does not have the detective’s best interests at heart.

AJ Wilde’s To Serve and Protect is the first chapter of a multi-part story. Since it is just the first of several installations, it does not tell an entire story but rather sets the stage, introduces the main characters, and gives a teaser as to what the main conflict will be. With Dan and Gary, Ms. Wilde has given us two characters who contrast very nicely with each other – the clean-cut cop and the man with a past – and has also developed them enough to make them sympathetic to the reader. Gary has something horrible going on with his past, and this makes him a very intriguing character. Dan is pretty much a straight-shooter, but he is destined to be caught up in whatever nastiness is following Gary around. This story ends with a cliff-hanger that will have the reader waiting eagerly for the next chapter in this adventure. Let’s hope it is published soon, because the suspense is going to be excruciating otherwise.

Reviewed by: Whitney


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