Like A Prayer

TITLE: Like a Prayer
AUTHOR: A.J. Wilde
ISBN: 978-1-60370-591-3
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press



Dorian West is truly a lost soul, with a revolving bedroom door and an unhealthy obsession with a statue at his local church. Add to that an unrequited crush on his straight friend Josh, and Dorian’s life reads like a sad catalog of loneliness and pain. Dorian finds release only through rough, anonymous sex and, oddly enough, art.

When he hits rock bottom, however, it is not Josh but Dorian’s new lover Mark who picks up the pieces. Can Dorian find a way through the maze of fear and doubt to find peace? And will his lust for a statue of an angel lead him finally to everlasting love?

Artist and curator Dorian West is a troubled man. Insecure and unhappy, Dorian seeks peace through rough sex and an unrequited passion for one of his (straight) students. Seeking solace in the church, he falls in love with a statue of Raphael, Angel of Healing.

As his life spirals out of control, can he be saved? A new man, Mark, looking much like Raphael, comes into his life. Can this be the answer? Can he give up his strange obsession with the statue for a real person?

This is a curious tale, different from most romances, but oddly very romantic even so. It is a sort of fable of redemptive love, slipping back and forth between divine love and human love. Wilde says that love is “an expression of human love in the touch of the divine, reflected in the face of an angel”. That pretty much sums it up. Dorian is a character with whom the reader becomes involved, even in his excesses. We, in the guise of observer, hurt for him, are disturbed by him, are touched by his efforts to do the right thing, and ultimately, cheer for him.

A.J. Wilde writes smoothly, convincingly and lyrically. You will not regret picking up “Like a Prayer.”

Review by Carole


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