Gerry vs. Joe

Alright ladies.  Today we have a poll:  who do you prefer, the manly man of all manly men, Gerard Butler, full-on mature and in charge of his sexiness at the age of 39, or the jailbait raw teen drop-dead hotness of Joe Jonas (aged 19) ??


Answers on a postcard please to …. me.  Hehe.


(and yes, you can have both, if that’s what your heart desires.)


P.S. poster pic complete with lipstick kiss courtesy of my daughter, who would have you all know that Joe belongs to her.   Here’s the poll:  and don’t forget to check out the pics !! 




5 Responses to “Gerry vs. Joe”

  1. How can you resist either one of them? I have to take them both!

  2. Actually, I’m not a fan of Mr. Butler…though perhaps that is because I”ve only seen him in one movie. (Nim’s Island) But the other choice would … well..I’d be a Baaad Cougar if I went for a Jonas Brother. LOL
    But I sometimes enjoy polls…and this one was cute.

  3. Oh, wow… I feel like such a dirty old lady… and I’m not all that old. LOL I’d have to go with both, equal opportunity gal that I am and all that….. 🙂

  4. Oh, no question the best MAN is Gerry Butler!! You need to check out “300”, “PS: I Love You”, “Phantom of the Opera” *sigh* He is incredible and come on… just the accent alone works for me!!

  5. I love boys/men that have that ‘Joe look’ but perhaps a bit older – Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance maybe… But what the Hell!! I’ll take ’em both. 😉

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