Soul Journeys

This is my ongoing series about a young man, Rick Rathburn, on a journey of self-discovery. 

Soul Journeys 1: Summer of Love

Summer of Love

NYPD officer Rick Rathburn has some issues his department wants him to work through. After a series of failed therapy sessions, he ends up with Dr. Martell, who convinces him to take a chance on hypnotism and past life regression. He finds himself in 1967 San Francisco, falling for Johnny, a free-spirited commune member that fascinates him beyond what’s wise.

Johnny brings a whole new host of problems, including the fact that he has a wife who wants in on the action, and a deep passion for activism that might turn ugly at any moment. Can Rick survive his past life? And what will it mean for his future?

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Soul Journeys 2: Auf Wiedersehen, Mon Amour

Auf Wiedersehen, Mon Amour

Cop Rick Rathburn continues his past live regression in this second Soul Journeys book! This time Rick is transported to Nazi Germany, in the life of Nikolai, an influential Russian who meets a cabaret dancer living a double life. G is both Gina and Gabriel, and he’s the most fascinating man Nik has ever met.

Their relationship survives through unspeakable horrors as G convinces Nik to help with the resistance movement. How much can two men do to help stop the atrocities of war? Rick will find out as he follows Nik and G through to the end.

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