Moment of Truth Part II: Choosing The Light

Choosing The Light

Moment of Truth Part II: Choosing The Light


As Gary reveals his secrets to Dan, it becomes clear that this will be no easy journey for either of them. Meanwhile, Kim Resnick, police cadet and Gary’s ex, has become entangled in a web of vengeance and hatred that reaches out to Gary and Dan from fifteen years in the past. Captain Stanton, Chief Walker and Dan team up with Kim’s wealthy father to foil a crime and save Kim’s life. When it all begins to go horribly wrong, Dan realizes just how much Gary means to him.

Loving Gary, however, is no walk in the park and it soon becomes apparent that the shadows of the past still stalk him. Things begin to fall apart and when anger gets the better of Dan, he manages to say exactly the wrong thing. Does Gary’s pain run too deep to ever heal? Or will Dan be able to draw on the power of love to save his friend from tearing them both apart?


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