Who is A.J. Wilde?

Hey world, I’m A.J. and I am a writer; it’s what I do and it’s pretty much all I can do well.  I can’t ski or snowboard, although I live in a land where the snow falls in deep drifts that sparkle with hidden diamonds under the starry sky.  I can’t swim, although I live in a land of crystal clear lakes and roaring rivers.  I can’t climb a cliff, although I live in a land of high mountains and sheer walls of rock that rise from the water and soar skyward, great pyramids of granite, streaked with gold and grey. 

But I can write. 

What I write is fantasy: a dream wrapped within a myth, a vision of faraway places and the people who live there.  I write romance, but not the kind your mom keeps in her knitting basket.  I write about boys who love other boys, and about girls who love other girls.  I write about girls who are boys inside and vice versa.  I write about love; and I write about sex as an expression of love.  

In all the worlds that I create on paper, you will find one common theme:  that it does not matter who you love, but only that you love. 

In dreams, we will find each other …


Yaoi Beauty

Yaoi Beauty


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