Moment of Truth 3 is out!

*jumps up and down*  This is the third part in my series!  I’m very excited about it.  For some reason I had this sense of foreboding that my publisher would have an issue with this part .. but they didn’t.  Gotta love the good folks at Torquere Press!  *hugs*

BTW I haven’t written Part 4 yet.  I’m very scared.  O.o

Here is the cover and blurb, and you’ll find an excerpt under the link:

Moment of Truth 3: Missing The Ocean

As Gary Carson continues to struggle with the emotional fallout from his past, Dan tries to be not only a lover, but a friend. When the normally straight-laced Dan Mason’s secret kink brings Gary’s ex, Kim Resnick, back into their lives, Dan may end up regretting his actions.When Kim reveals her own secret to Gary, the realization spills over into anger against Dan. Dan has to face some hard choices and realize that his own selfishness may end up tearing him and Gary apart forever.

You can buy it here:


~ by wildedreams on March 30, 2009.

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