Moment of Truth 3 is out!

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*jumps up and down*  This is the third part in my series!  I’m very excited about it.  For some reason I had this sense of foreboding that my publisher would have an issue with this part .. but they didn’t.  Gotta love the good folks at Torquere Press!  *hugs*

BTW I haven’t written Part 4 yet.  I’m very scared.  O.o

Here is the cover and blurb, and you’ll find an excerpt under the link:

Moment of Truth 3: Missing The Ocean

As Gary Carson continues to struggle with the emotional fallout from his past, Dan tries to be not only a lover, but a friend. When the normally straight-laced Dan Mason’s secret kink brings Gary’s ex, Kim Resnick, back into their lives, Dan may end up regretting his actions.When Kim reveals her own secret to Gary, the realization spills over into anger against Dan. Dan has to face some hard choices and realize that his own selfishness may end up tearing him and Gary apart forever.

You can buy it here:


Love Bites

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Well ladies, I know it’s not Hallowe’en but I had a request for a Vampire edition, so here we go.  I found a whole crypt full of hotness, ranging from the way-too-young stars of Twilight (what’s the age of consent again? I feel like a pervert) to the classic Count Dracula of Frank Langella.  In between we have the pretty of Scott Speedman (go Nelson High, Burlington!), the smoulder of Stuart Townsend and the Scottish sass of Gerard Butler.  Also in this collection, a member of my personal Guilty Pleasures list, Gary Oldman. 


A couple of my faves: Canadian actor Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy in “Blood Ties”; and the late Mark Frankel as Julian Luna in the short-lived drama “The Kindred” (short-lived only because Mark was killed in a motorbike crash, very sad). 


Note that I’ve not always stuck to the actors as their vamp characters – there are some shots of them in their human state as well.  ;O   


P.S. For some reason I stuck in a pic of Antonio Banderas dressed up as an angel.  Never say this list isn’t full of surprises. 


Bon appétit!


[EDIT: I don’t know why some pics don’t show up in gallery view.  When you click on them, they’re there.]

Wilde on the Radio!

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Yes, folks, I’m going to be reading an excerpt from my latest release from Torquere Press!  Toybox: Strapons features three stories from authors Beth Wylde, Lara Zielinsky and myself, A.J. Wilde.  My story is called Sleepover.  All three stories are super-hot and I think this is the first F/F Toybox for Torquere Press!   If you enjoy girl-on-girl, this is the collection for you.   The show airs this Thursday, February 26 at 11:30 pm Eastern, and the link is below:

Live on air from 11:30 p.m. -12:00 a.m. on February 26, 2009 (That’s THIS Thursday!)
Time is Eastern US (GMT -5:00)

Show summary:
Guest readers: Beth Wylde and A.J. Wilde. This entire episode is dedicated to the Feb. 18 release “Toybox: Strap-On” containing a trio of woman-on-woman love stories from Torquere Press, a short story collection and collaboration between Lara Zielinsky, A.J. Wilde, and Beth Wylde.

New Release! My first girl/girl story is out!

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Toy Box: Strap-ons


edited by M. Rode, with stories by AJ Wilde, Beth Wylde and Lara Zielinsky

Lesbian love is the name of the game in the Strap-Ons Toy Box! In Sleepover, by AJ Wilde, Cherry Lewis is excited to host an erotic toys party, hoping for a chance to flirt with her crush, Alice Ryder. Her best friend Sarah is there as support, but the party might just give Cherry a whole new view of Alice. And Sarah.

In Feeldoe Fantasy, by Lara Zielinksy, lesbian lovers Jan and Kelly enjoy an evening together, sharing the delights of a new toy. And in Aim to Please, by Beth Wylde, Jane Dennison has always been the quiet, shy type but when her girlfriend breaks up with her she throws caution to the wind and tries something spontaneous. Visiting a sex shop finds her in a dressing room trying on a strap on for the first time in her life. Will the shop owner be willing to help Jane explore this new world?

All-Request Friday: The Pretty

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Well, ladies – as there is literally no more room on my desktop for pics, I guess I have no choice but to send them around.  J   Thanks for the nominations, and I hope I have something here for everyone.  I have tried to use pics that you haven’t seen here before – and as always, I’ve tried to select the hot, the cute and the shirtless. 


It should also be noted that despite appearances to the contrary, Zac Efron and Joe Jonas in fact are over the age of consent.  (I’m a perv, but not that much of a perv)


Oh and by the way – Taylor Kitsch is for me.  The rest of y’all – hands off.  J

Review for “Like A Prayer”!

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Hey guys.  Just saw an awesome review for “Like A Prayer” at Rainbow Reviews.  Check it out!   TITLE: Like a Prayer
AUTHOR: A.J. Wilde
ISBN: 978-1-60370-591-3
PUBLISHER: Torquere Press



Dorian West is truly a lost soul, with a revolving bedroom door and an unhealthy obsession with a statue at his local church. Add to that an unrequited crush on his straight friend Josh, and Dorian’s life reads like a sad catalog of loneliness and pain. Dorian finds release only through rough, anonymous sex and, oddly enough, art.

When he hits rock bottom, however, it is not Josh but Dorian’s new lover Mark who picks up the pieces. Can Dorian find a way through the maze of fear and doubt to find peace? And will his lust for a statue of an angel lead him finally to everlasting love?

Artist and curator Dorian West is a troubled man. Insecure and unhappy, Dorian seeks peace through rough sex and an unrequited passion for one of his (straight) students. Seeking solace in the church, he falls in love with a statue of Raphael, Angel of Healing.

As his life spirals out of control, can he be saved? A new man, Mark, looking much like Raphael, comes into his life. Can this be the answer? Can he give up his strange obsession with the statue for a real person?

This is a curious tale, different from most romances, but oddly very romantic even so. It is a sort of fable of redemptive love, slipping back and forth between divine love and human love. Wilde says that love is “an expression of human love in the touch of the divine, reflected in the face of an angel”. That pretty much sums it up. Dorian is a character with whom the reader becomes involved, even in his excesses. We, in the guise of observer, hurt for him, are disturbed by him, are touched by his efforts to do the right thing, and ultimately, cheer for him.

A.J. Wilde writes smoothly, convincingly and lyrically. You will not regret picking up “Like a Prayer.”

Review by Carole

New Release! The Four Senses is out!

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Hey guys!   If there are any foodies in the house, you’re going to want to read this one.  Here is the link and blurb … as you can see, this is a menage story.  As well, I’m going to be having a contest later to win a copy! 
The Four Senses

The Four Senses

Starting at: $1.29

by AJ Wilde

Evan and Lily are out on the town for some sensuous fun, dining in the dark at The Four Senses. It’s unnerving at first, and they’re just starting to get into the meal, and each other, when an accident sends Evan fumbling into the lap of a stranger. Rob isn’t a stranger long, and the evening gets even more delightful, drawing Evan and Lily into their wildest fantasies. In the light of the next day, though, Rob is missing and only a return to The Four Senses offers Evan and Lily any hope that they’ll feel complete again.